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UEFA European Cup 2012 is a big global soccer tournament which will take place in both Poland and Ukraine. This tournament is meant to begin at June 8th, 2012 and the final match be at 1st of July, 2012.

Euro 2012 Live

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In this competition there will be 16 strong countries competing for the Euro Cup 2012. For now, we still don’t know exactly which teams will play since they are still playing the qualifying matches. Anyhow, we soccer fans can still speculate that strong teams like Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, England, Holland, Sweden and the hosts: Poland and Ukraine will probably qualify for playing 2012 European Cup.

Euro 2012 is most likely going to be the greatest event in the modern history of both Poland and Ukraine. Both of these countries have never hosted European and World championships. Furthermore, Ukraine has never played in EURO while Poland made its debut at last European championship.

As you probably know, the last UEFA European Cup took place 4 years ago at Austria and Switzerland where Spain won the final match against Germany and won the Cup. Spain also won the FIFA World Cup 2010 which was hosted in South Africa. What are the chances that they will do in again in 2012? Hmmm…

Since UEFA Euro cups are happening every 4 years with a gap of 2 years followed by the FIFA World Cup, We soccer fans are extremely eager and awaiting to watch euro live, aren’t we?

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